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Some examples of projects and use cases of the
Real job skills in demand in the real market
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You can do the entire master's degree or take it on itineraries. Make your learning experience fit you.
Practical learning
Consolidation projects
Each module has a project associated with it to consolidate what has been learned.

Always with cases focused on the real market and at the technological forefront. You will be able to do it autonomously, and it will allow to track your performance in the program.

Final project:
The completion milestone of the itinerary.
The final work of
It is the culmination of the journey undertaken in this itinerary, but its realization is continuous throughout the program thanks to consolidation projects and begins at the beginning of the training itself. Your delivery consists of:
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product): Deliverable applied to a real situation
  • Working memory
  • Ideas Fair
  • Business Pitch
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Working Memory
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Programa Experto en Quantum Computing y Tecnologías Cuánticas Emergentes
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with a different approach
A guided process until you enter the labor market or entrepreneurship
The real-world and community MBIT approach is intertwined with practical learning, from training courses to in-company training for professionals, both in courses taught on campus and those that are online.
Talent Factory
A practical approach where you'll be hands-on right from the start. You will develop a portfolio of real cases with which to face the reality of the labor market and stand out in the selection processes. We also use AI to continuously track thousands of technical jobs and adapt tools and content to what the market demands.

Don't settle for a degree that can expire as soon as you graduate.
Get ready for the real market.
Get ready for the market
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Cases: real and realistic

Participate in the solution of real problems applying the techniques and technologies acquired so far, always with the guidance of your team of expert teachers.

  • Real projects with our partners (Sabadell, Accenture, Melia, Exolum, CLH, Cemex, Consum, Balearia...)
  • Understand how small, medium and large companies use data science
  • End to end life cycle of the project, from the customer's need to the prototype
  • Real examples that you can include in your CV as work experience and tell in your interviews
Consolidation projects
Each module of each MBIT program ends with a Consolidation Project in which everything learned is put into practice.
Create a portfolio for your next interview
Don't start from scratch to look for the job of your dreams. During your itinerary you will be creating your own portfolio with projects based on real environments and data you'll see in class. A collection of experiences that will help you make the leap to the professional world.
Learn in person in Madrid or around the world
Study modalities: Presencial, Online y Blended. You can transform your career with us regardless of your schedule. We have 3 types of modalities, we adapt to you.
Industry Insiders
There are no gurus here. We select teachers for their technical capacity and experience applying data science projects, and for their ability to transmit that knowledge to their students.

You will experience a transformation process adapted to your starting point, where you will not feel lonely in the face of any work project, since you will remain connected with MBIT to answer your questions.

Your secret weapon for confidently executing data projects in your company.
Get to know your teachers
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MBIT Expert Coach

Mbitschool offers a private community unique to resolve all your technical doubts and concerns, something you will never have in prestigious public forums such as Stackoverflow.

  • Technological support and consultation service
  • Powerful community assisted by industry experts
  • Support in the more technical aspects of training
  • Community to ask and share questions about your professional field
  • Collective technological solutions by the community
  • Membership Beyond training for alumni
Market Insights
Learn first-hand what companies in the sector are doing, how they work with data and what do they demand of data professionals.
With the support of your teachers, transform your profile based on your trajectory and your concerns. He manages to master all subjects with the best support of professionals who are currently working on data projects.
Data Journey
Lay the foundations of a lifelong professional career and share that path of transformation immersed in a community that is experiencing challenges similar to yours.
Share unforgettable moments and bonds of friendship and professionals with your campus colleagues at our headquarters in Calle Serrano, in Madrid or on the online campus.

And what will happen when you take up a new job and face new and complex challenges as a data expert? You will have an support service to answer technical questions and guide your projects.

MBIT accompanies you on your path of professional renewal beyond your formative stage.
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MBIT Expert Coach

MBIT School offers a unique private community to answer all your questions and technical concerns, something you will never have in prestigious public forums such as stackoverflow.

  • Technological support and consultation service
  • Powerful community assisted by industry experts
  • Support in the more technical aspects of training
  • Community to ask and share questions about your professional field
  • Collective technological solutions by the community
  • Membership beyond training for alumni
Experiences in the heart of Madrid
Share unforgettable moments and create lifelong friendships with your campus mates at our headquarters in Madrid.
Follow your MBIT life
The community has great value because 100% of MBIT programs are oriented to the professional world of data. Imagine how many valuable relationships you'll create with such a community.
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Perfect duration

Our intensive programs last for week and are compatible with working hours, allowing balance with summer dates.

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Get to know Mbit School

Welcome to the community! Take advantage of this week to meet our specialists, our staff and our alumni and experience the school environment.

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Dive into the subject matter

Intensive programs are perfect for starting out in a new subject and discovering which career path best suits your profile.

Proud of our students
They are already transforming their departments and companies. What are you waiting for to be next?
Mireia Vecino
Onet Iberia
Pablo Sánchez Cabrera
Data Scientist
Paloma López Rojo
Regional Category Manager WEMEA & LAM FM, Real Estate & MRO
GEA Group
Pedro Prieto
Director of Innovation
Madblue Summit
Melany Fiorella Livora Chang
Senior Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Consultant
RSK Consulting
Juan Castallo
Nfq Advisory, Solutions, Outsourcing
Ana Serrano Garcia
Economic Situation Analyst
Consejería de Economía de la Comunidad de Madrid
Luis Escámez
Entrepreneur and Partner

I was working in banking when I joined the course and throughout it I was able to start working as a data scientist and be specifically involved with text analysis. Truly, employment with Mbit is guaranteed.

Pablo Sánchez Cabrera
Data Scientist
A first-line cloister
Meet the teachers who will accompany you in this course
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Take advantage before the holidays to learn something transformative

Easy to make compatible: our intensive programs last only one week and are compatible with your work schedule. You'll be able to keep your balance with your holidays or commitments.

Discover an incredible community: Take advantage of this week to meet our specialists, our staff and our alumni and experience the school environment.

Get started in the world of data: our intensive programs are perfect for diving into a new subject and discovering which professional itinerary best suits your profile.

Funding and grants
We want to help you achieve your professional challenges. For this purpose, we provide you with alternative lines of funding and we offer you financial aid for early registration with full payment.
We also have grants for groups and agreements with companies.

You just have to ask us. Our Admissions Manager will contact you and answer any questions you may have
“If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will guide you in a personalized way to find the training course that best suits you”
Gemma Lorenzo
Counselor | Admissions | MBIT DATA School
Start your Data Journey with us

We have created a unique experience for you to discover your passion for data and technology.

Assess your current capabilities and access personalized guidance to guide you in choosing a suitable and effective program for your professional development.

Completely free and without obligation

  1. Schedule a meeting with our Career Expert so that we can get to know you and discover your goals
  2. Access our Talent Factory, the first Artificial Intelligence tool that allows you to align your profile with the labor market and obtain a personalized recommendation for your training.
  3. Chat with one of our Industry Insiders, a teacher specialized in the chosen course will guide you to maximize your potential

And if it convinces you...

  • Welcome to MBIT DATA School! Study with us and discover our community (students, alumni and companies), now you are part of one of the most vibrant technological ecosystems.
  • Lifelong Data Journey, discover everything that awaits you during and after training, you will have immediate access to our alumni club, associated events and our professional Talent Coach and Expert Coach to guide you in your professional future.
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