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Credential in AI for Project Management

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Why this course?

Improve project delivery on time, on budget and with expected quality using AI tools.

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Manage resources and optimize your team's performance

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About the program
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Learn to audit and design AI projects as a project manager

  • State of the art in Artificial Intelligence models
  • The professional role of an expert in Generative AI.
  • Foundations of Foundational Models and LLMs
  • User Stories: business process auditing methodology for the use of AI.
  • Copyright and regulatory regulation of AI
  • Ecosystem of AI solutions for the Project Management area.


Optimize your projects with innovative AI flows, and learn to design your own prompts.

  • Pioneering methodology for the generation of customized prompts.
  • Workflows and Prompts for Research, Analysis and Ideation:
    • Extracting insights from isolated texts
    • Extracting insights from books
    • Extracting insights from scientific articles
    • Inclusion of custom analysts
    • Audience roleplay
    • Methodology for improving questions
    • Combination of experts and IAs working meetings
    • Organizing ideas on canvas boards
    • Research and search for statistics
  • Workflows and Prompts for writing texts:
    • Analyze and emulate linguistic style
    • High-performance titles and headings
    • Improved writing style
    • Writing emails
  • Creation of multimedia content (Image, Video, Music and Presentations)
    • Advanced parameters for image generation (variations, scaling, inpainting, selective replacement, image combination, raw images and mosaic designs)
    • Emulation of the style of renowned artists
    • Simulation of photographic techniques
    • Simulation of camera and lens typologies
    • Creating corporate presentations
  • Biases and risks in the use of Generative AI
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of prompts and iterative refinement of their performance.


Build your own ecosystem of custom-made IAs and autonomous agents.

  • File manipulation and organization
  • Creating charts and reports
  • Advanced data analytics and machine learning for non-technical roles
  • Introduction to the architecture and training of autonomous agents
  • Creating your own AI co-pilots
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Ideal for...

Project managers, team coordinators, project management professionals


In person/Online

15h class + 2h video pills

10 hours


June 20-22


Thursday and Friday 16:00-21:00
Saturday 9:00-14:00



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What are you taking with you?

days of intensive networking with professionals from
Project Managment
lifetime access to all recorded classes
specific prompts to apply to
Project Managment
data experts are waiting for you in our high-level community
Professional AI credential in your area.
The current development of AI does not replace the work of a professional, but rather provides them with tools that allow them to increase their productivity and, above all, to focus on the most valuable part of their work.
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Learn in a practical way
Right from the start, you'll have your hands in the dough. At the end of the course you will be able to quickly apply what you have learned in your workplace.
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Apply generative AI
Use tools such as ChatGPT to launch a brand, design websites, generate commercial campaigns and automate customer service.
Use tools such as ChatGPT to create educational material, improve your performance, manage students or automate tasks.
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Expert teachers
There are no gurus here, only experts. Learn from professionals who come from the real market and are specialists in the sector.
There are no gurus here, only experts. Learn from industry specialists with extensive teaching experience.
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