Unleash the talent of your employees
On-the-job technical training. Data training to equip employees with what they need to execute your business projects.
How does it work?
Corporate Pedagogy
A real fit between training and training at the organizational level
Medium and long-term relationships aimed at anticipating and providing solutions to challenges that we know companies are going to have: Talent Management, Continuous Learning, Optimization of Public Aid and Digital Transformation
Companies that have already toured with success this path:
35% of IBEX, consulting firms and highly technological medium-sized companies
MBIT is a school that offers personalized and high-level solutions, exceeding expectations. In our case, they have made a very important contribution of value and are always seeking excellence in their service, both because of the high level of the teaching staff and because of the training proposals themselves.
Xavier Llenas Grimau
Director of Training
Sabadell Bank
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Main Services
Our programs use the Dick & Carey instructional design to adapt the transmission of knowledge to the reality of the employees' disposition, of the different levels of knowledge, of the profiles, etc...
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On-the-job training

Tailor-made analysis of the competencies needed to execute business projects and creation of tailor-made training programs.

IT talent management
We participate in all phases of talent management through creative and anticipatory strategies.
Retaining talent
The demand for business and data professionals is very high. We help you to retain those valuable professionals through specialized training.
Identifying needs
Creation of internal training plans in data, technology and digital transformation, based on the latest trends and real needs of the market.
Formative Implant
Advisory service and design of training plans for data and digital transformation, optimizing all funding and public aid opportunities.
Advantageous conditions for MBIT programs
Offer your employees special conditions to train at MBIT DATA School in cutting-edge programs such as master's degrees in Cloud Architect, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Data Engineering or People Analytics.
In-Company Masters for employees
Book an entire group within the MBIT DATA School training offer to create a joint program with your brand.
Technical Certification Processes
Trust us to help your team successfully pass the most demanding technical certifications.
Acceleration of specialized elite teams
Training and acceleration of high-performance teams in the most advanced technologies and methodologies such as Deep Learning, Cloud Vision or Natural Language Processing
Collaboration programs for TfMs, job fairs and research programs
Take part as a company in our events to associate your brand with concepts such as Data Science or Digital Transformation.
We manage European funds for corporate training and training
There are a multitude of possibilities to implement first-level training programs, supported by national and European training funds. Schedule an interview with us without obligation and we'll tell you how we can do this.
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